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Did you know that we can help with your House History?  Sometimes referred to as a House Genealogy, it can be very interesting to know more about the building, land, and who may have lived there.  LegacyTree Genealogists posted a great article entitled "How I Traced the Genealogy of a House."  Linda Eckert is heading up a special team of researchers with knowledge of the different records needed to do this.  If you are interested in having a House History done, or would like to help with this type of research, check out our Projects page!  There is a Contact Form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.


Warren County Historic Houses

green tree 1.jpg

Green Tree Tavern and Inn

Photo taken 9 Sep 2004.

Image from the Warren County Auditor's Property Search Website.


WCGS has begun a new project to identify and document the past ownership and history of old historic houses in Warren County. Some of these houses were homesteads built in the early years of Warren County and Ohio. As we complete documenting each house, we will share its interesting story with you. Our plan is to ultimately publish these histories in a book.


Our first project is the Green Tree Tavern and Inn, built by Isaac Morris (circa 1741-1828) on his farm over 200 years ago, circa 1810. This two story brick structure is currently unoccupied but still standing, facing Route 741 on the southeast corner of the intersection with Greentree Road in Turtlecreek Township (Range 4, Township 3, Section 19), northeast of Lebanon.


We would appreciate your sharing any historic information you may have on the Green Tree Tavern and Inn and / or Isaac Morris, or your suggestions on other historic Warren County houses that we should research. Please email Linda Eckert, WCGS President, using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Submitted by:

Winston Cochrane, WCGS Volunteer

Member of the House Histories Research Team

The November 2021 issue of e-News featured the obituary for Isaac Morris on page 4, mentioned above as having built the Green Tree Tavern and Inn.

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