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Welcome to our Projects page.  If you have some spare time and would like to help, we have a variety of projects we are currently working on that need your assistance.  We are always looking for more volunteers!  Please contact us by telephone at 513-695-1144 or by using the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.  Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, email address, and the type of project you would like to do.

Current WCGS Projects

  • Every Name Index to our Bible Records

    • Thank you to Lavonne Smith for working on this project!

  • Marriage Licenses and Permission

    • Volunteer Opportunity

  • Obituary Indexing

    • Thank you to the many individuals working on this project!

  • Warren County Deed Microfilm Indexing

    • Volunteer Opportunity

  • Indexing Early Tax Lists - completed 1806-1822; 1823-1826 in progress; 1827 completed.  The Master Index will include Year, Name, Range, Twp., Sec., Entry No., Quality of Land 1, 2, or 3, County, and a Comment Section.

    • Thank you to Winston Cochran and Arne Trelvik for working on this project!​

  • 2021 Funeral Home Project - 758 obituaries have been added, 115 with military service (44 served in a war).  Total Obituaries Total 10,723; Veterans Total 1,649.

    • Thank you to Jane Bailey for working on this project!

  • Miami Gazette Obituaries - working on 1922

    • Thank you to Delores Bovee for working on this project!

  • Schwartz Monument - 35,219 entries on a spreadsheet, going over final details

    • Thank you to Arne Trelvik and Candy Jo Hartman for working on this project!

  • Schwartz Monument Document Scanning

    • Thank you to Faith Peel for scanning!

  • Veteran's Discharges - Officers Records No. 3 (scanning, cropping, creating an index - 84 Soldiers, Civil War, Spanish American War, and WWII)

    • Thank you to Faith Peel for working on this project!

  • Schwartz Monument Document Scanning

    • Thank you to Faith Peel for scanning!

Future WCGS Projects - Volunteer Opportunities!
  • Marriage Records (the next group of records, starting with 1908)

  • Will and Estate Records (starting with Boxes 451-500 - needs completion and final editing)

  • Copy interment records from cemeteries not already done

  • Copy and Index old Turtlecreek Township records

  • Index the Masonic Lodge records we have copied

Website Projects

  • Enter library book titles into LibraryThing

    • Thank you to Don Simons and many others for working on this project!​

  • Add book covers or title pages into LibraryThing entries

    • These both supply the images and information for our Library Holdings page in TinyCat​

    • Thank you to Mary Cox and Judy Everitt for working on this project!

  • Scan missing book covers or title pages for our Shop and Support page

  • Scan missing issues of e-News to be added to the page

  • Scan missing issues of Heir Lines to be added to the page

Seeking Help!

  • Looking for a volunteer who has experience with oral histories to assist Terry Easton with his current project.

September 2021 - New Projects!

  • Reconstruction of the 1890 Census for Warren County, Ohio

    • Wouldn't this be a great resource to have?  An article in the September / October 2021 issue of Family Tree Magazine has prompted a renewed interest in this project.  The Southern California Genealogical Society is also undertaking this and they have some great suggestions.  We are currently making a list of record resources to check for 1890 information on residents of Warren County and hope to begin work on this soon.  This is a project that volunteers could potentially help with from home.  Linda Eckert is coordinating volunteers for this project.

  • House Histories

    • We have had several requests for house histories and Linda Eckert is creating a special team of volunteers to assist with these inquiries.  If you have an interest in helping with this research, please contact us.  This could eventually lead to a book for publication!​​

Interested in helping us with a project?  Let us know!

Thanks for submitting!

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