Research Department


The Warren County Genealogical Society Research Department answers queries directed to our society by mail and can obtain copies of court documents as requested.  Patrons wishing to use this service should contact us by postal mail.  You must include your mailing address, phone number, and email address.  Please also include as much information as possible with your request such as family group records and previous research done.  Limit yourself to three questions per request, stated concisely.


General or extensive research for members of WCGS is $15 per hour; for non-members research is $20 per hour.  In addition to the hourly fee, the cost of postage and copies (15 cents per page) will be billed upon completion of the research.  Deeds are $2.00 per page (usually two-pages).  If you plan on having lots of deeds copied, we would appreciate if you would estimate the cost and include money to cover the cost of these deeds as we have to pay for these when the pages are copied.  Any additional amount will be billed and any amount extra will be credited toward your research amount or refunded if you are significantly over.  We may contact you by email if we have a question about your project.  For further research we will inform you of what is available and the estimated cost.


For copies from our photocopy service for names found in our online indexes, you may request up to 5 copies of any of the following types of records with your family names for $5.00 prepaid:

  • obituaries

  • births

  • marriages

  • death records

Additional items are $1.00 each.  Be specific with names, dates, and online references.


All profits from our research are used to purchase new books and better the library for our visitors.


To order copies from our photocopy service, please print and include the completed Mail Order Photocopy Request form for copies from our online indexes.


To submit a Research Request, please print and include the completed Research Request form.

To submit an Obituary Request, please print and include the completed Obituary Request form.

Mail the completed form(s) to:


Warren County Genealogical Society

Attn:  Research Department
406 Justice Drive
Lebanon, OH  45036

Please follow these guidelines when submitting your question:

  1. Ask a short specific questions such as, "Do you have a will for John Smith who died in 1840?" or, "I found my ancestor John Smith listed on the Obituary link for the year 1910, and I would like to get a copy of his obituary."  Time does not allow us to answer requests such as, "Please send me everything on the FULLER family who lived in Warren County in the 1800’s."

  2. Include helpful information such as full names, dates, and residences of the ancestor(s) you are seeking.

  3. Also list any documents you already have, so we don’t duplicate any research you may have already done.

  4. Please include a complete regular mail address on your letter so we can send you the information and documentation you have requested.  Without a full name and address, we will not be able to fulfill your request.