Upcoming Events


WCGS offers monthly programs featuring a variety of topics and speakers.  An educational (hands-on) Cemetery Restoration Workshop is held at a different cemetery each year.  We also offer our very popular Summer Workshops from June to August.

Virtual Meetings and Programs

We are fortunate to have members and email subscribers from all over the world.  Some upcoming meetings, programs, and events will be held virtually using Zoom to enable everyone interested to be able to participate.

Zoom invitations to Virtual Events are sent via Mailchimp email.  To receive this email, you can sign up using the e-News subscription form at the lower right-hand side of this page or you can use the Register button.

If you are new to Zoom, the first 1:22 minutes of this YouTube video may be helpful:  



Please click the image to access the flyer for that date.

                          12 Oct 2022               14 Oct 2022               14 Oct 2022

                        Program Flyer           Workshop Flyer              Reg. Form

                        14 Oct 2022               16 Nov 2022             14 Dec 2022

                  INK SAVER Reg. Form     Program Flyer           Program Flyer

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2022 11 16 Flyer Image.png
2022 12 14 Flyer Image.png
2022 10 14 Flyer Image.png
2022 10 14 - 14 Oct 2022 Cem Wkshp Reg.png
2022 10 14 Ink Saver Reg Form Image.png

Other Events

Quaker Heritage Scenic Byway


Many of us have Quaker roots.  Have you checked out the Quaker Heritage Scenic Byway yet?  Visit their website to find out more and be sure to check out the link on that page to the map (it is in the Related Links box).  Twenty-five pages of maps and details of what you will see along the way.  Incredible!