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Early Settlers Pioneers


These are lists of Early Settlers Pioneers who are shown in the Warren County Genealogical Society records.  These people have been thoroughly researched by a descendant of the listed ancestor which proves their relationship to the individual and documentation that shows the indicated pioneer ancestor was in Warren County, Ohio, between January 1, 1821, and December 31, 1882.  This is not a comprehensive list of every person who may have been in the county during that time, only a list of people who have been researched and submitted.  If you have an ancestor who was in Warren County between January 1, 1821, and December 31, 1882, and lived, died, or was buried in Warren County, Ohio, and would like their name to be added to this list, please submit an application as described on the Early Settlers main page.


These lists are searchable by using <CTRL+F> if using a Microsoft Windows-based operating system.

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